High School Part II (I have a website now!)

Hello, all. You might be wondering what high school has to do with me having a website. Back in my junior year of high school, my AP English teacher told us that she had her own website, through Weebly.com. We all thought she was just the coolest for that.

Now, four years later, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that particular teacher as I sat down to create my own Weebly site (which you can find here). Making the website was a little bit of a puzzle at first as I tried to decide which theme I wanted for it. I eventually decided on a theme called ES. Its sleek design and dark colors appealed to me; it also used a film-maker as an example, which screamed my name. I don’t think I’ll be changing from that soon.

Once I got over the initial feeling of “Oh my God, what are all these buttons?” Weebly turned out to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Its drag-and-drop set up made it incredibly easy to make a nice-looking, smooth-running site. While my website is still a work in progress, I am excited to continue working on Weebly to build up my site; and who knows? Maybe some opportunity will even come of it.


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